Capital District Home Inspectors - What We Inspect

Headed by Allen Tanner, a certified Level I & II Thermal Imager and certified residential home energy auditor, we will inspect your home inside and out, using the latest in infrared technology to expose the problem areas in your home so they can be fixed accurately and promptly, before they cause major issues in your home.

CAPITAL DISTRICT HOME INSPECTORS will give you a complete house inspection and many energy saving recommendations. We take pride in providing detailed reporting from your roof to your wiring, to your ductwork and your windows. These details will enhance your ability to make informed decisions, whether selling an existing home or purchasing a new residence.

We offer a comprehensive home inspection covering all of the potential problem areas:

Structural Components: Foundations, slabs, floors and walls
Exterior: Siding paint, windows, decks, garage doors
Grading: Relative to water flow and snow melt-off
Roofing: Coverings, flashings, chimneys
Plumbing: Piping, fixtures, faucets, water heating and fuel storage
Electrical: Wiring, main service panel, conductors, outlets
Heating: Equipment, safety controls, distribution systems, chimneys
Ductwork: Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps, controls
Interior: Partitions, ceilings, floors, railings, doors and windows
Insulation and Ventilation: Attics, walls, floors, foundations, baths

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