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We are a sole propriety company covering the Capital District region of New York and surrounding regions. We offer expertise, personal service and thoroughness that only thirty years of experience can offer you. We can help find potential problems before they arise for a potential sale or find problems in a potential purchase that could cost you thousands of dollars after you purchase your home. If you are thinking of selling or buying your home do yourself a favor and call us. Alleviate potential headaches and lost dollars from conditions other, less experienced inspectors might miss.

Allen Tanner is the owner and operator of Tanner Contractors and Capital District Home Inspections. Allen has been in the commercial and residential contracting business since 1972 doing professional building, remodeling, home inspections, and energy auditing. Allen has actively pursued professional development in order to stay current on new building technologies and to learn new skills.
He is active in several construction related organizations as well as the local business community. Allen is a certified Level I and Level II Thermal Imager and most recently was certified as a residential home energy auditor through the Building Performance Institute (BPI).

Capital District Home Inspectors is a top home inspector in the Saratoga Springs, New York Home Inspections guide on Inspectopia.com.

Our inspection will help you to:

  • Survey the home's condition
  • Identify potential problems
  • Consider possible repairs and upgrades
  • Evaluate your investment decision
  • Experience confidence and peace of mind about your investment or perspective home purchase

Capital District Home Inspectors is a member of Independent Home Inspectors of North America. Our oath is to put the clients interest foremost.
We will not actively solicit real-estate agents for referrals.

We will only share the home inspection report with our client and any other persons that the client agrees to.
Further information on our pledge can be found at Independent Home Inspectors of North America.

While the majority of real-estate agents are honest and put their clients first; a few agents may try to save the deal by doing damage control during a home inspection. We do not wish to influence any buyer's decision to purchase a home or to walk away. Our goal is to fully inspect and report on our findings so that the buyer can make an educated decision.

We recommend finding and interviewing your own home inspector. This takes away any conflict that an agent may have in referring an inspector who will issue a 'soft' repot.

We wil act professionally and work with all parties involved.

Below are 2 links that may server as very helpful resources regarding terminte control and mold removal:

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